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Trafalgar D. Water Law, or simply Trafalgar Law, nicknamed “Death Doctor”, is Captain and Doctor of the Heart Pirates, a pirate crew from the North Sea. As one of the 11 Supermodels, he became a member of The Lost World in the timeskip, however he was deprived of that title by the alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates. Like many other pirates, Law set sail with the dream of finding the One Piece treasure.

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1. Personal information

Japanese name: ラ フ ァ ガ ガ · ー · D · ワ ー ル ル · ロ ー

Latin name: Torafarugā Dī Wāteru Rō

English name: Trafalgar D. Water Law

Appearance: Chapter 498, episode 392

Organization: Heart Pirates, Shichibukai (former), Donquixote

Occupation: Pirate, doctor

Age: 24 (new arrivals), 26 (after timeskip)

Birthday: 06/10

2. Appearance

Law is a slightly slim, tall guy, often with a slight smile on his lips.

Law has many tattoos on the chest, on the hands and fingers.

Law at 10 years old

Close up the tattoo on Law’s fingers

3. Personality

As a young boy learning to work as a doctor at Flevance, Law was a very dedicated and affectionate person who definitely did not leave his family despite the evacuation. Law also wishes to become a great doctor like his father.
When his hometown was devastated, lost family and friends, and was diagnosed to live less than 38 months, Law was no longer the same (see 701). According to Doflamingo, Law joins his band because he wants to destroy everything around him. Only after Law’s illness was cured, did he gradually change.

Law seems to be a very comfortable person, in addition to stressful situations, Law almost always smiled calmly. After the timeskip, he no longer laughs as usual and became more cautious. Law now laughs when he wants to challenge someone or when he’s satisfied that everything goes according to plan.

Law also takes a more aggressive stance in the face of pirates who are wary of the World Government. For example, he asked X-Drake how he had killed so many people during his debut, and was not afraid to poke his “rotten finger” in an attempt to insult Eustass Kid. Most harsh on the Sabaody Islands, even smiled provocatively when doing so.

Law seems to hate being ordered by others. He was quite upset when Kid told him and Monkey D. Luffy stepped back to help him deal with the Marines. Even so, he is aware of when he and his comrades are in danger, including creating a temporary artificial alliance with the enemy to survive.

Many people think Law is a cold and cruel person, as Scratchmen Apoo himself has said that Law is notorious for its brutality; Or one of Smoker’s subordinates said that Law dared to rob the hearts of 100 pirates and sent them to the government to gain the position of Vu Hai (see episode 584). Law also showed a brutal side to her while still attacking Tashigi after cutting her body (see episode 587). He also proposed to leave Punk Hazard kids because they had so many problems to deal with.

Law is very frank when answering other people’s questions, such as when Ivankov asks Law if Luffy’s friend is, he says no, and even asks why he must save Luffy to Ivankov. Less suspicion yourself. Not long after that, Jinbe – seriously injured – came to thank him, and he replied that he would die if he refused to sleep. Then when Jinbe asks what will happen to Luffy if he runs aghast while injured, Law replies that the result will be simple: Luffy’s wound will crack and he will die. Law also did not hesitate to explain how he was able to neutralize his attacks with his powers, and before that, even Tashigi had said that the weak had no right to choose. Death way

While still believing in the existence of the One Piece treasure, he does not fight blindly, but plans to take the title of Vu Hai to have more privileges in his journey to the New World. About and won One Piece.

Despite Law’s modest attitude towards others, he seems to be a compassionate man, as he decides to help the Straw Hats find a way to heal the children who are poisoned by Ceasar even though he does not want to. What’s involved with them He also warns the Straw Hats to be careful with Caesar’s powers, and tells those who can not resist Logia’s power to stay away from him.

Like all characters for the letter D in the name, Law also has a strong belief in fate. He believes that fate has brought Rayleigh to Luffy, and Luffy is also set to fight Doflamingo at Dressrosa.

4. Capacity and strength

In his youth, when he realized he was dying, Law went to Doflamingo and wanted to join his band in the future, aiming to destroy and destroy the world as much as possible before his death. Doflamingo accepted the offer, and while being a member of the Donquixote Band, he learned swordplay from Diamante, Gladius marksmanship and martial arts from Lao G.

Law was a formidable pirate, along with his crew, which proved to endure Rayleigh’s Haki Concubine – which defeated most of those present at the Auction House. Donquixote Doflamingo also commented before his associates at Punk Hazard about the potential of Law, and compared them to Luffy, which Doflamingo witnessed at Marineford two years ago. Vergo can only comfortably hit Law when he holds his heart at that moment – and the situation reverses completely when Smoker helps him regain his heart.

He was very calm as the Marines in the Sabaody Islands approached him, even though he was a long-range combat fighter. While on the Sabaody Islands, the Kid Pirates and the Heart Pirates are held in battle against a Pacifista. The outcome of the battle is unknown, but upon reappearance in the Marineford series, it can be assumed that they defeated the Pacifista or fled from it. Kizaru also mentioned that the Heart Pirates were good when they successfully escaped.

Trafalgar Law appears to be a very mischievous and opportunistic leader, even for a successful pirate and former Super Siege. Despite being considered one of the strongest pirates in his generation, Law was the only one in the Hyperion that volunteered to stay on the Ocean Halfway for more than a few months instead of advancing. Right into the New World of Danger, that shows a more deliberate and compassionate mind.

At Punk Hazard, he proved it by switching the chainsaw of the chainfish with ordinary steel chains and devising plans to quietly escape his cage. Law also had a way of getting back what was called the SAD, and his only miscalculation was Vergo, who had surpassed the entire Navy organization, including Smoker’s supervisor.

He also cornered Doflamingo – an extremely sly and peculiar pirate with his power – into a dilemma: either resigning Vu Hai to the Navy Admirals to “slaughter”, or It’s fine but will get Kaido’s punishment. At times during “timeskip”, Law became so infamous and so infamous that the famously brutal G-5 Navy was terrified of him (see episode 623).

Luffy’s wanted war surpassed Luffy, then with the sending of a hundred pirates hearts to the World Government, he had a seat in the Vien Hai (see episode 584). Law overpowered fighting, even defeating Vice Admiral Smoker – who ate the Logia Devil Dog – without any serious injuries. He also defeated Vergo with a sword, while in the old days he could not even touch his hair. He is now strong enough to take the blows from one Admiral and one Admiral at the same time, Issho and Doflamingo.

Physical ability

Law has good endurance, for example, when his heart is squeezed to such an extent that he is unconscious, he can recover in a short time. In addition, he has enough “eat onions” from Vergo for quite a long time, causing him to be badly injured blood before he defeated him with only one shot, after Smoker regained his heart for him.


Law nicknamed “Doctor Death” not only because of his special combat capabilities, but also because of surgical skills. He proved to be a good doctor, able to save Luffy and Jinbe in critical condition, having just escaped the violent Akainu. The law that can cure Jinbe shows that Law’s medical knowledge is not limited to humans (humans and fishes share the same blood structure, so the anatomical characteristics are the same). He is also a volunteer to find drugs for the disease of children in Punk Hazard, showing that he is also knowledgeable pharmacist. The Law cured the children of Caesar’s CaCarot CaC10, though not exactly a feat, making Chopper extremely impressive.

Ability Devil Fruit

Law is the owner of the Ope Ope no Mi, which allows him to create a hemispheric shade of light blue light. In this bridge, he can detach and move anything in the blue light (including himself), meaning that he can “surgically” manipulate everything in this “spherical” surgical room. Possessing the most powerful Evil Fruit, Law easily inflicts heavy damage in his area of ​​control. He can also teleport instantly using this ability.

In addition, he suggests that this ability can be used to heal illnesses, such as curing giant babies from the addiction caused by Caesar’s poison. Law seemed to know how to maximize his power, demonstrating that he could cut a person’s body into a Haki-impregnated body (see volume 616).

The weakness of this capacity is that it requires high concentration to use; Law must manipulate hands constantly to promote the power on the victim, giving the opportunity for high-speed attack, for example Vergo. Using this capacity more and more, the more energy. All the power of this power has not been revealed by Law. In addition, he has the same basic weakness as all other Devil Fruit users.


Although he is overpowered by his Devil Fruit power, Law still uses swords and uses them very well. Unlike traditional swordsman, Law’s sword is not used to cut but to create the effect of slashing the Devil Fruit in the “surgery room” he created. You can cut off others without hurting them and pairing the pieces of your body the way you like. His swordsmanship level is enough to fight Smoker against a sea jutter with only a little trouble. Combined with his Devil Fruit ability, he has repeatedly shown the ability to cut off the opponent before they can react, apparently the way he did to win the Kin’emon.

Law once softly disabled Tashigi, a swordsman of Navy rank, and cut her swords, as well as defeating Scotch with a giant sword with a single blow. The strongest attack he has ever made is the defeat of Vergo, slashing a corner of Caesar’s lab and the mountain outside, splitting a meteorite.


Luffy says that Law can use Haki. His limited ability to use Haki is uncertain, but he has a Busoshoku Haki. During the battle with Smoker, Law could hit Logist’s body by the Vice Admiral thanks to his powerful Haki.


Kikoku Citadel is a large version of nodachi – a popular Japanese sword. It has a rectangular hand guard covered with short white coat. The black swords are decorated with white crosses along the length of the sword, and are wrapped in a red rope near the beak. Law proficiently uses this sword, which can cut off a target from a distance (though this effect is due to the Devil Fruit’s power).