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Eustass “Captain” Kid, a notorious pirate of the South China Sea and the captain of the Kid Pirates. He is one of the 11 Supermodels. One of the reasons that Luffy’s higher wanted status was due to the devastation, the massive damage that Kid and his pirate crew have caused to people everywhere. During the timeskip, Kid’s wanted levels have risen from 315 million berry to 470 million berry.

1. Personal information

Japanese name: ユ ー タ ス ス · ッ ド ド

Latin name: Yūsutasu Kiddo

English name: Eustass Kid

First Appearance: Chapter 498, episode 392

Organization: Pirates Kid

Occupation: Pirate, Captain

Nickname: Eustass “Captain” Kid

Birthday: 10/1

Height: 205 cm

Wanted level:

Previous timeskip: 315,000,000 berry

After timeskip: 470,000,000 berry

2. Appearance

Kid looks muscular, tall with slightly freakish style. His red hair was raised up like flames. Kid’s nose has a rather distinctive shape with small convex ridges on either side of the nose. He has brown eyes and no eyebrows.

The kid usually wears pretty showy outfits, including black-tinged black trousers with red tassels and blue belts. He also has a thin gun strap crossed over his right shoulder to his waist, holding a dagger with a Japanese sword. On both hands he wears many gold rings.

Kid has a square glass on his forehead but has never seen use. He usually wears a gray cape skirt with a spiky cap on his shoulders.

Pictures of Kid at a young age

After the timeskip, Kid’s hair was longer. He also has a large scar starting at the left forehead and pulling down his neck. Kid’s left arm was made entirely mechanical, as he had lost his arm in two years times. Kid’s appearance after timeskip is also muscular, scarring appears on the right arm, left chest and left abdomen.

3. Personality

Kid is known for the devastation, causing damage to civilians. Kid’s prominent personality is temperament and sarcasm. Whenever he feels offended, he often uses violence to deal with the way he attacks the Scratchmen Apoo because he dares to stare at him. It seems Kid is sensitive to insults, ridicule. Kid brutal even when not offended, such as when he nailed a pirate group because they think they are too weak to exist in the New World.

According to Baron Tamago, after the timeskip, Kid destroyed two sister ships of Yonko Big Mom. This shows that the Kid is not afraid and does not hesitate to challenge a four-pronged Huang who has the same strength and power as Whitebeard. Despite this, Kid retains control of himself in some cases.

Kid dislikes World Government. He says that pirates are also humanitarian, at least have good things, or do not hesitate to admit mistakes, unlike the nobility (see episode 394).

Kid has a dream with Luffy, that is to find out One Piece treasure, and become Pirate King. That, along with Luffy’s carefree, no-frills personality, made Kid somewhat adored him. However, when the two encountered similar problems, Kid acted differently from Luffy. Kid can kill anyone who dares to laugh at his dream. Kid also believes that the determination to achieve the impossible can be essential in order to survive in the New World.

4. Capacity and strength

As the captain of the Kid Pirates, Eustath Kid has total control over the entire crew of the ice. In the timeskip, the kid’s pirates continue to increase their bonuses with brutality, as evidence of Kid’s and Killer’s desires have increased, and they are also willing to attack even Big Mom’s allied battleships.

Before the timeskip, Kid’s tapes were notoriously devastating and killing civilians along their journey through the Grand Line and heading for the New World. Kid is a scary pirate, and along with his comrades, Kid shows his perfect resistance when he is not in front of Haki by Silvers Rayleigh at the Auction House. He also easily defeated a group of Navy along with Luffy and Law. Kid easily escape Admiral Kizaru’s attack.

After the timeskip, Kid seems to have become much stronger, as evidenced by destroying two of Big Mom’s allied ships, though she is a four-pronged tycoon. Kid’s wanted level has since increased to 470 million berry.

Devil Fruit

Kid possesses the power of Magical Devil Fruit. This manifests itself in two possibilities of pushing and draining the surrounding metal to turn them into weapons. The thrust allows the Kid to shoot a metal object away, such as propelling a Navy bomb that is flying towards her back toward the Navy. The force suction helps Kid to metal and shape them, most often creating a huge metal arm made of hundreds of weapons and metal attached to the right hand. With this arm, he can either attack an enemy or create a shield to defend a Pacifista’s attack. It is unknown whether the guns on Kid’s arm can fire bullets at his will (see episode 398). In the anime and the Unlimited Cruise game, Kid is able to fire off the metal at opponents with extremely fast speed.

When using the Devil Fruit power, the kid’s hand glows with the light purple, so it is possible that this power is derived from electromagnetism.

In addition to the general disadvantage of Devil Fruit users, one of the main weaknesses of this Devil Fruit is its dependence on the surrounding environment, because the surrounding metal must have this effect. This disadvantage has never been exploited).


Kid usually carry a handgun and a dagger. However, it is not yet known that he actually uses it in battle, so Kid’s weaponry is still unknown.