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Bartholomew Kuma is a Shichibukai, once a member of the Revolutionary Army with a bonus of 296,000,000 berry. Kuma is the main antagonist in the Marineford arc when he joins the battle here with the Navy and other members of the Sea Knight.

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1. Personal information

Japanese name: バ ー ロ ミ ュ · ー · ま ま

English name: Bartholomew Kuma

Appearance: Chapter 233; Episode 151

Origin: Shichibukai; World government; Revolutionary army

Occupation: Shichibukai; pirate

Age: 45 (start), 47 (after 2 years)

Height: 689cm

Required level: 296,000,000 berry

2. Appearance

Kuma is a giant and is currently the tallest person in The Waves (lower than the former Fugitive Hui Gekko Moriah). Kuma usually carries a Bible. Kuma’s overall appearance looks like a giant bear.

In the anime, Kuma’s hair and coat are black, the hat is gray. Kuma’s biblical book features a purple background.

At first in the manga, Oda painted Kuma with colorful colors. Gradually, his image was changed to resemble the anime.

This is Kuma’s childhood image, which resembles Ninomiya Sontoku, a famous 19th-century philosopher.


Kuma as a member of the Revolutionary Army:

3. Personality

Bartholomew Kuma is a very calm and calm person. Kuma can also be considered a benevolent character, especially compared to other Vu Hai. It can be seen through his actions, especially when he killed two times for the Straw Hats.

Kuma often asks someone where they want to go before sending them away with the power of their Devil Fruit. Often Kuma respected their offer, but occasionally he would send them to a place of his choice, regardless of whether or not he got the answer.

Although following the orders of the World Government, Kuma does not fully agree with the organization’s “good” and “bad” ideas. He maintains his own ideal whenever possible. Kuma once explained, accepting Blackbeard into the ranks of the Vu Hai was a very poor decision of the Government, despite the fact that it filled up the rest of Crocodile’s defeat.

Kuma’s loyalty does not pay much to the Marines. This can be seen when he refuses to answer a direct question from Admiral Kizaru during the Sabaody Islands War (see volume 405).

There is still a lot of mystery behind the character Kuma. The details behind his transformation into a Pacifista and exactly what that happens is still unclear. Kuma also whispers something to the Dark King Rayleigh in the Sabaody Islands.

Kuma was good at keeping his identity secret, although the World Government succeeded in discovering every real relationship he had with the Revolutionary Army. Two.

Although a very loyal Shichibukai, Kuma still refuses to address the demands of high-ranking Marines like Admiral Kizaru. He always kept calm in any situation, and acted wisely to achieve the goal. He also demonstrated his great loyalty and honor in protecting the “Thousand Sunny” from continuous attacks over a two-year period, leaving it safe to stay in the same place until day “Resurrection” of both the Straw Hat Pirates.

However, so far, the conversion of Kuma to Pacifista has been perfected, Kuma gradually lost his last consciousness, personality and memory have been changed to ensure the credibility to continue to serve the Main World Government. He considered the enemy one of the two “enemies” or “allies” of the World Government. Donquixote Doflamingo has stated that his original personality was “dead,” although Kuma and Dr. Vegapunk subsequently made a secret agreement that would allow Kuma to recapture his final awareness of ” Free will to “protect the” Thousand Sunny “.

Capacity and strength

Before the final revision became a Pacifista, Kuma was a commander in the Revolutionary Army, so Kuma had powers over the members under the organization. However, he no longer has this right to become a “slave” of the World Government.

Bartholomew Kuma is currently one of the most beautiful of the three sea powers, Vu Hai. Kuma is one of the most powerful characters in the history of pirates. He also has quick reflexes, which can easily deflect Luffy’s Gear 2 attacks.

Kuma is one of the few people who completely defeated the Straw Hat Pirates. However, even when the Straw Hats were defeated, the team members were weak and they did not have the strength to fight further, especially against a Vien Hai (in the encounter). First of all, the party defeats a Vien Hai, Gekko Moriah, as well as a mummy island in which the giant Oras mummies are found, and in the second encounter they fight a Pacifista while Must escape Kizaru and fight Sentomaru. He did not want the Straw Hats to die, but he could not let anyone run away.

Kuma’s power is also so well known that some of the most violent and famous pirates like Eustass Kid are shocked to see Kuma (actually Pacifista) on the Sabaody archipelago, despite the fact that the wanted level of Kid is higher than Kuma’s wanted level. This shows that in the eyes of others, the strength of Kuma is higher than his wanted level.

Devil Fruit

Kuma has eaten the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, a Paramecia Devil Fruit that helps Kuma have the power to “push” anything, including the air around him. It not only protects him from attacks but also can help him repel opponents at a great speed. This demon also allows Kuma to move at the same speed with the objects he repels. He used this power to propel himself, enabling him to immediately appear in a desired position regardless of distance, though he moved very little and at a slower pace of walking.

Kuma has made many people “disappear” by touching their palms. Later on, it was revealed that he had pushed them away

Kuma’s fighting style reminds him of a Sumo wrestling. He often bends low, even using strong stomps, and attacks his opponent with palms, firing extremely strong gas bullets.

Kuma can also use his powers to create explosions on a large scale and destroy everything. This is seen through one of his great moves, “Ursus Shock”. This attack is essentially a “bomb” with a huge explosion created from a huge airbag compressed by Kuma to increase pressure. The power of this “bomb” is enough to turn an entire island into dust for a moment or injuring giant Little Oars.

Transformed into Pacifista

Kuma was transformed into a mechanic (cyborg) by Vegapunk. Unlike the other cybers, Kuma possesses the power and flexibility. He moved very swiftly, like “disappearing” in the eyes of the Straw Hats and before everyone on Thriller Bark.

Kuma’s body is more durable than the Pacifista, which can withstand most attacks, including Sanji’s kick and even Zoro’s “Shishi Sonson” sword, a slash that can be cut. Break a sheet of steel. Although it is a surprise attack, Kuma only gets a small scratch on him (see episode 377).

After 2 years with innumerable damage on the body, not repaired, lack of food, but Kuma still works well.

As a Pacifista, Kuma is capable of firing a laser beam which, when blasted, will not only cause a large explosion, but can also melt the steel.

The laser beam is a copy of Kizaru’s left Pika Pika no Mi and Kuma’s special ability, and it is only installed in his mouth. For other Pacifista, the laser is placed on their palms. As for Kuma, he has “meat pads” instead of laser pores on his hands. This feature, along with the Bible he holds, even after he loses his personality, can still distinguish Kuma from other Pacifists.

Geographic knowledge

Kuma has wide knowledge of dealer locations. He knew exactly where he was going to send someone, and he seemed to know anywhere in the world. Perhaps the transformations into a cyborg have strengthened this capacity of him. This is more evident when he often asks opponents to say where they want to go before “pushing” them.