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Monkey D. Dragon, also known as the Revolutionary Dragon, is the father of the Straw Hat Pirates, the son of legendary Marine D. Garp. He is the famous leader as well as the founder of the Revolutionary Army, which confronts the Government of the World. He is the biggest rival and threat of the World Government.

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1. Personal information

Japanese name: ン キ キ ー · D · ラ ゴ ン ン

Latin name: Monkī Dī Doragon

English name: Monkey D. Dragon

Appeared first: Chapter 100, episode 52

Organization: Revolutionary Army

Occupation: Revolutionary Army

Birthday: October 5

2. Appearance

Dragon often appears in dark suit.

He has black hair. Not long after Gol D.Roger’s death, Dragon has a large tattoo along the left half of his face. This tattoo is dark red in the anime and lighter red in the manga. Dragon’s eyes are black, with no eyebrows.

Twenty-two years before the start of the main plot, when Roger was executed, Dragon’s appearance was similar to the present but without tattoos and beards under chin.


After the timeskip, Dragon’s hair was long over his shoulder.

3. Personality


Dragon is quite mysterious with the secrets surrounding him. Dragon is a person who loves freedom and has strong faith in fate.

Unlike other members of the family, or those with the “D” in their names, Dragon is cool and solemn. He often appears in a very confident manner. Another D character in this style is Trafalgar D. Water Law.

He seems to be very interested in innocent people (perhaps because the World Government treats them cruelly). Once upon a time, he was ready to liberate the Gray Terminal and give them a place in the Revolutionary Army.

Dragon also has the habit of always facing the East Sea when the wind direction changes direction.

Capacity and strength

Since it does not appear regularly, Dragon’s power and power are still a mystery.

In the role of revolutionary leader, Dragon has power over every member of the organization. He has so much power that the World Government considers him “the most dangerous man in the world.”

Dragon himself has great power, as well as equally powerful subordinates like Sabo, Emporio Ivankov, Bartholomew Kuma and Inazuma.

When Sengoku tells people about Dragon’s relationship with Luffy, everyone is stunned, including Gekko Moriah or the Whitebeard Pirates. His reputation alone was enough to make Luffy the greatest potential danger.

3. Biography

Dragon’s past is also a lot of mystery, just know he was born in the kingdom of Goa. Therefore, we also do not know why Luffy was left to Grandpa Garp, not the Dragon. However, it can be deduced that, not long before or after the birth of Luffy, he began the Revolution and became the leader of the organization. Since then, his ideal has gradually spread throughout the world. Each passing day, many countries began to support him.

He witnessed the execution of Gol D. Roger, whose face had not yet tattooed on his face. However, until now, we still do not know exactly what the tattoo means.

Twelve years before the main story, Dragon returned to his homeland in the kingdom of Goa and witnessed the Gray Terminal burned down. Dragon witnesses the pains of the people in his hometown, Dragon also meets Sabo and saves him (see episode 501, episode 502).

When Sabo left home to become a pirate, his boat was attacked by the World Dwarf. Dragon saved Sabo and brought him to the revolutionary boat.

Some time later, the Revolutionary Army received a food subsidy from Shimotsuki Village, which coincided with the place where Roronoa Zoro was practicing. Dragon was later seen aboard alongside Ivankov and the other members (see episode 504).

In the anime, Ivankov once asked Dragon where, Dragon replied that he was present at the celebration of the World Diversity on Dawn Island. Ivankov wondered why she was not invited, and Dragon responded that because of Ivankov’s appearance, he would gain a lot of attention.

Here, Dragon also hears that the dojo has provided food for the revolutionaries, he also confirmed that the group will return to Baltigo.

After Sabo awoke and lost his memory, Dragon explained that he was from a noble family in Goa. Although he does not remember anything, Sabo definitely refuses to return to his home (volume 737). Dragon trained Sabo during his days in the Revolutionary Army.

Eight years ago, the World Council (World Government) gathered in Mariejois to discuss the revolutionary movement as well as the thought of the Dragon as a threat to the World Government. Thalassa Lucas showed everyone a picture of the Dragon (see volume 91).


Arc Loguetown

Dragon first appears in the Loguetown arc, when he saves Luffy from the Smoker. At that moment, a breeze of blue blown Luffy, Smoker, Buggy, Alvida and her crewmates. It is not known whether Dragon is the man who controls the wind blowing the Navy. Smoker wonders about the action of the Dragon, the Revolutionist replied that he allowed Luffy to go his own way (episode 53). Smoker questioned Luffy’s rescue at the time of Dragon’s death until their relationship was revealed (see episode 314).


Arc Post-Enies Lobby

When Luffy meets Luffy, Garp blurts out that Dragon is Luffy’s father. The people there were extremely astounded, while Luffy did not know who the Dragon was at the time. Everyone was surprised to learn that Luffy had never heard of Dragon before.

At that time, Robin explained that Dragon was the Revolutionary Leader, and his ideas spread to many countries around the world. Dragon has led many to rise up against the monarchy, pushing the world into civil war. His actions have made the World Government extremely angry, claiming he is the most dangerous person in the world.

Before hearing about Luffy’s father, no one knew anything about Dragon, even his full name.

Dragon reappears in Baltigo. Seeing Luffy’s new wanted level, one of the Revolutionaries’ agents, told Dragon that Luffy was the grandson of Vice Admiral Garp. Dragon goes out to the balcony, talks about the nature of this world, and that he will meet Luffy someday (episode 324) (it seems Dragon remembers and always takes heart for his son) .

Post war

After Whitebeard’s death and the enslavement of slaves at Tequila Wolf, Dragon expressed his desire to meet Nico Robin, one of the slaves, the archaeologist of his son’s pirate ship, and also The only person who survived the Ohara incident.

After the Battle of Marineford, many revolutionaries have questioned whether he is really Luffy’s father, confirming that Luffy is his son.

Another time, Dragon was seen in his office while talking to Ivankov through Den Den Mushi about the newspaper mentioning Luffy. Ivankov said that Luffy is just like his father. Dragon has said that Luffy is no longer a child that adults must keep an eye on. He did not doubt that he was protected by Ivankov during the war, and expressed his gratitude for Ivankov’s actions. Dragon also confirmed to Ivankov that Whitebeard was dead, and that they would soon gather Revolutionaries around the world as the new world order began to change. After that, they continue to talk about Kuma (see episode 510).

Arc Zou

After Doflamingo’s defeat, Dragon received reports that the insurgents around the world were gaining advantage. Later, he exchanges with Koala about the arsenal she and the other members have acquired from Dressrosa. These weapons contain a kind of iron ore, which can then be taken to the place of manufacture. After a small talk about Luffy, Sabo, Robin, and Dragon ask Koala to gather all the Revolutionary Leaders (episode 752).

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