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Phoenix Marco is the captain of the 1st Whitebeard Pirates. The reason he has this nickname is that the evil Zoan demon he possesses can help him transform himself into a phoenix of his own mind. After the death of Whitebeard, Marco becomes the leader of the crew of the pirate crew.

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1. Personal information 

 Japanese name: ル コ コ

Latin name: Maruko

English name: Marco

Appearance: Chapter 234; Episode 151

Organization: Whitebeard Pirates

Occupation: 1st Team Captain, Whitebeard Pirates; pirate

Nickname: “Phoenix Marco”

Birthday: October 5

2. Appearance

Marco is a bit skinny but muscular, his expression is always asleep. He usually wears a purple jacket, wears a light blue waistband plus yellow straps. He wears dark gray knee-length pants, black sandals. In his first appearance, Marco was topless, but on his next appearance, his chest was tattooed with a crescent-shaped crescent like Whitebeard’s jolly roger.

Marco was a Whitebeard pirates crew 22 years ago so it was hard to guess how old he was.

3. Personality

Marco is a relatively calm person in the face of challenges and adversities, his rare touches are directly related to Whitebeard’s health (after Whitebeard’s squarer is stabbed and followed by Squard When he died). When Ace and Whitebeard were killed, Marco (along with everyone in the Whitebeard Pirates) cried (see episode 472).

The truth is, when seeing his captain betrayed by Squard, Marco has lost his composure, so much so that he flew right past them and hit Squard’s head on Moby Dick.

Marco also showed himself to be keen on discovering others’ abilities by recognizing Shanks red haoshoku hooks faster than anyone on Moby Dick, as well as quickly recognizing the potential of Monkey D Luffy though. I have never met you (episode 466). That combined with witnessing Luffy promptly rescued Whitebeard from the Crocodile attack, Marco immediately got “excited” about Luffy.

Marco is very concerned, worried for his teammates when they warn back to avoid Haki of Shanks.

As a member of the Whitebeard Pirates for at least 20 years, Marco has extensive experience of the challenges of the New World. After the death of Whitebeard and Ace in Marineford, Marco became the commander of the entire Whitebeard Pirates because Marco was well suited to the role of a leader.

He also seems to be a joker, pretending to be hurt when attacked by Admiral Kizaru with an irony, but can quickly become serious.

Like many other characters, Marco has a special way of talking. Each of his sentences usually ends with the word “yoi”, such as “arigatou-yoi” (thank yoi) or “mattero-yoi” (wait yoi). Just like any other popular talk style in the series, it has no special meaning other than being a distinct talking style.

4. Capacity and strength

As the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates 1st Team, Marco has power over the team members. After Whitebeard’s death, Marco became the highest authority in the Whitebeard Pirates, and the crew of the crew heard his orders as they withdrew from Marineford.

He was also one of the few people who was not affected by the powerful king of the Shanks. He is a veteran warrior who has been a member of the Whitebeard Pirates since Gol D. Roger.

Marco is one of the strongest characters in One Piece, as he attests in battle, able to fight with all three Admirals like Whitebeard. He is quite capable of hitting Admiral Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu. Marco can also be the strongest member of Whitebeard in the ice, which is why Marco is the new commander of the ice.

Another indication of Marco’s superior strength is when Gorosei mentions him as one of the few people capable of defeating Marshall D. Teach. His name is stated separately from the rest of Whitebeard’s crew, so he is personally known to have a particularly strong ability.

Physical strength

In addition to the powerful Devil Fruit and Haki, Marco also possesses impressive physical strength and excellent reflexes. He can kick Admiral Kizaru and Aokiji to the limit. He had the strength and endurance to take on a series of Kizaru laser beams that could still stand up, although his arm was then cuffed to the sea and could not use his self-healing ability. While only one laser is enough to defeat Basil Hawkins, he is one of the Supermodels. His speed is also extremely fast, able to protect Kizaru from White’s Yasakani no Magatama in seconds.

Marco’s fighting style is based on strong attacks with his legs. He often transforms into a human form while kicking, but he can also upgrade this attack by transforming his phoenix-like shape into clawlike claws as he attacks Akainu after he inflicts a fatal blow to Ace.

Devil Fruit

Marco possesses the mythical Zoan demon, which is extremely powerful, even rarer than Logia. This Devil Fruit ability can help him transform into a phoenix. It is because of this capacity that he nicknamed “Phoenix Marco” (see episode 463). As a Zoan, but thanks to the unique features of the phoenix, he has more of the special abilities of the Paramecia (superhuman power) that can affect the user’s body: regeneration. And Logia (blue phoenix fire also makes his body amorphous).

This demon also helps Marco to increase his physical strength (like all Zoan-type Devils) with the ability to fly and attack in the air. During the Battle of Marineford, Marco showed off his aerial assault capabilities by rapidly moving through battlefields and overseeing attacks at Whitebeard. He can transform his legs into claws of the phoenix that cut off the enemy.

Like other Zoan players, Marco is also a hybrid. However, Marco’s ability to control Marco’s transformation is probably the best among the Zoan-trained players that have appeared so far (Laffitte, Chopper, and Onigumo are the exceptions). Marco can choose his body part without changing his appearance. In his most common animal form, Marco transforms his arm into a pair of flamethrowers (sometimes with the same arm) to fly and still attack with normal kicks (see episode 475). .

However, the most powerful attribute of this Devil’s Devil is that when transformed into a phoenix with blue fire, Marco can heal any wounds, just like the phoenix can revive from the ashes. . Therefore, Marco recovered very quickly and can suffer a series of attacks in the form of phoenix without leaving any hurt except to take some time to heal himself.

He can block a range of lasers from Kizaru, even blocking Akainu’s magma punch with the help of the Busoshoku Haki, although the attack is so powerful that it can burn anything, even take it. The Ace Network – a man of fire power in the Logia system, demonstrates that phoenix fire is better than Akainu’s magma and Ace’s fire. Although this blue fire is not hot and can not burn anything like normal fire, it can help him cure healing, called “regenerative green fire”.

Although not considered a weapon, he still summons the blue flame around his body in the form of a human (possibly a part of the body that changes to a hybrid or whole) as he encircles his arm. By green fire to prepare to fight Akainu (see episode 487).

Marco’s evil monster also gives him the ability to avoid attacks like Logia’s. In the shape of a phoenix, Marco’s body is amorphous like Logia. However, unlike the Logia system, his form can not be indefinable, so it is impossible to avoid attacks from enemies. This makes Marco vulnerable in the form of people. However, if the Logia system still suffers from injury until it is healed in the usual way, Marco can recover from any injury he receives in the form of a person by transforming that part into another. Phoenix or cross phoenix, or just use green fire around the body. He can even switch to human form, using green flames scattered all over his body for healing, proving he is quite calm and prepared for every impact on his body. This ability also allows him to heal the wounds of a sea knuckle, but only after he is not exposed to it. Thanks to that, he has a huge advantage that no Logitech user has.

In addition to the disadvantages mentioned above, Marco also has weaknesses as the ability of other normal Devil Fruit.


Marco can use Haki proficiency in battles at Marineford. With Busoshoku Haki, Marco kicks Kizaru away when the Admiral is about to attack Whitebeard. He also kicks Aokiji away to protect Monkey D. Luffy. After Portgas D. Ace took the hit of Admiral Akainu, he and Vista used the Busoshoku Haki to stop Akainu from attacking Ace again, but their attacks did not work for him (see episode 483).


When Whitebeard declares mermaid island as his realm, Marco also appears with a sword on his shoulders.