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Boa Hancock: Love is always a hurricane Tshirt

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Queen Searover Boa Hancock is the only female member of the Shichibukai. She is also known by the nickname Queen of the Amazon Lily solid, as is the ruler of the Kuja tribe along with his two brothers, and Boa Boa Marigold Sandersonia.

Japanese name: ボ ア · ハ ン コ ッ ク

Latin name: Boa Hankokku

English name: Boa Hancock

Appearance: Chapter 516 (manga), vol 409 (anime)

Organization: Shichibukai, Kuja tribe

Age: 29 (time to appear), 31 (after timeskip)

Birthday: 2/9

Height: 191 cm

Wanted Level: 80,000,000 berry

Devil Fruit:

Japanese Name: Mero Mero no Mi

English Name: Love-Love Fruit

Contacts: Paramecia


Boa Hancock is a woman with a pretty standard configuration than appearance is somewhat larger than normal 2 his sister. She is tall and slender with long hair, big tits, high forehead and light brown eyes (dark blue in the anime) with long eyebrows. Similar to many other women in the film, she has a slimmer waistline.

Her 3-ring measurements (according to Sanji and comic author Eiichiro Oda in the marginal additional information) is B111-W61-H91, so that her breasts on J-cup sizes in Japan, and bigger than any of Robin and Nami.

Boa frequent costume changes. In the first appearance, she wore a relatively cool exposing breasts most. This dress code is quite similar from the neck, with a green stamp of Kuja, exposing long slender legs, with a white blouse with the rank on the shoulders that the Navy senior officers casual wear. Later she wore a cheongsam (qipao – another name: any site, any cells – a type of Chinese dress), with a cloak with a hood when she used it to hide Luffy on his way to Impel down, and are spent in the Naval battle between Whitebeard – White Beard. Upon returning to Amazon Lily, Hancock moved to the old costumes (except for her gown).

In all the costumes, she carries the gold earrings shaped like two snakes, and high heels. Hancock’s costumes are decorated with the symbol of the Kuja but thin red dress she wore when suffering from heart disease.

Hancock’s beauty was praised by many people around the world: in one of two brothers Risky Brothers, she only lost beauty of the mermaid alone, while Marguerite and Hannyabal that she is a woman world’s most beautiful. She often accompanied snake Salome always wore a skull and smiling.

Whether Hancock often show beautiful and calm, or cute (as she expressed “remorse” for his actions), but when angry, then she looks scary, eyes widened and jaws angry clenched teeth, for example, when Smoker nearly as Luffy.

Before Hancock began to love Luffy, when she was not beside him, her eyes are always cold and emotionless, but when there is Luffy close his eyes became filled with emotion, made her look like a girl lovely.

Along with his two sisters, Hancock had slaves Tenryuubito mark – Dragon’s on her back, which she did not want to expose and ready to petrify anyone to see it (except for the two girls and Nyon elders). To hide this, she and her two sisters had the same lie that stuff on the back of three sisters she is the eyes of the monster Gorgon and it will petrify anyone seeing. Hancock used the “curse of the Gorgon” to explain her ability and the two girls left the capital obtained from the Devil – the Devil Fruit.

Hancock as a child was very beautiful looks like now. When she escaped from Mariejois, her clothes torn and ragged hair tie behind.


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