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Guild War

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A Guild War (ギルド間抗争 Girudo Kan Kōsō) is a state of overt conflict between two or more guilds. Participating guilds usually fight with the desire to annihilate the enemy guild(s).

The Magic Council has forbidden Legal Guilds from having guild wars with each other.[1] Though, Legal Guilds are allowed to declare war on Dark Guilds without fear of retribution from the Council, however they must still notify them of it. This is most likely done in order to lower the high number of Dark Guilds.

Prior to these events, in X679, Guild Wars were common as Legal Guilds fought over commercial rights, land and establishments.[2]

Eventually, in X692 at the end of the Second Trade War with the humongous toll of death from warring feudal lords and guilds fighting over trading rights in the aftermath, the Magic Council has passed the Interguild Dispute Interdiction Treaty that forbids all and every guild from waging war against one or another for whatever reason, marking a beginning of a short era of peace.[3]

Fairy Tail attacks

The Fairy Tail vs. Phantom Lord War is the main event of the Phantom Lord arc. It takes place in the year X784 with the purpose of capturing Lucy Heartfilia.[4] Sparked when Iron Dragon Gajeel Redfox destroys the Fairy Tail guild’s building[5]and attacks the members of Shadow Gear,[6] the war starts at the Phantom Lord Guild where guild members of Fairy Tail led by guild master Makarov Dreyar attack Phantom Lord’s guild and its mages.[7] However, Marakov is weakened by Aria‘s Magic,[8] forcing Erza Scarlet to order the guild members to retreat.[9] Phantom Lord later attacks the Fairy Tail Guild[10] but is subsequently defeated by the help of Natsu Dragneel and newly healed Makarov.[11] The balance of power in the Fairy Tail vs Phantom Lord Guild War implies heavily that Fairy Tail is significantly stronger than Phantom Lord. Gageel Redfox is the strongest of the S-Rankers in Phantom Lord, surpassing the power of the Element 4. He is defeated in battle by Natsu Dragneel, who is not even recognised as S-Rank by Fairy Tail. Furthermore, Phantom Lord was defeated by a Fairy Tail that lacked Gildarts and Laxus. Laxus for example is far more powerful than Natsu, and is later proven to be capable of defeating wizard Saint Jura, who held the number 5 wizard saint position at his defeat in the Grand Magic Games. It is possible that Laxus is stronger than everyone -including wizard saint Jose– in Phantom Lord. Gildarts by extension is even more powerful than Laxus, though at this point in time, he is away on a 100-year quest and is yet to return. It is highly probable that Gildarts is more powerful than Jose Porla. Makarov Dreyar is the most explicitly superior mage to Master Jose. The final battle sees Jose defeated in a single, devastating strike by Makarov, proving Fairy Tail has in fact overtaken Phantom Lord to become the most powerful guild in Fiore.

Natsu and Laxus clash

The Battle of Fairy Tail is the main event of the Battle of Fairy Tail arc. It takes place in the year X784 with the purpose being an attempt by Laxus Dreyar to replace his grandfather as Guild Master.[12] When Laxus had Evergreen petrify the Fairy Tail girls,[13] the civil war starts and the fairies are defeated by the members of the Thunder God Tribe and each other one by one.[14][15] When most of the members are defeated, Erza is freed of her curse[16] and defeats Evergreen, freeing the other girls.[17] Freed Justine and Bickslow are then defeated by Mirajane Strauss and Lucy respectively[18][19]and Laxus is defeated by the combination of the Fire Dragon, Natsu, and the Iron Dragon, Gajeel.[20]

Cobra vs. Erza

The Allied Forces vs. Oración Seis war is the main event of the Oración Seis arc. It takes place during the year X784 with the purpose of defeating and stopping the Dark Guilds.[21] The Allied Forces is initially defeated by Oración Seis when confronted by the entire guild,[22] though later on the members of the Allied Forces manage to defeat them when pairing up to take down individual members. Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia defeat Racer[23] while Lucy and Hibiki Lates defeat Angel.[24] Hoteye is converted by Nirvana and decides to help Jura Neekis stop his guild mates[25] while Cobra is defeated by Natsu and Happy.[26] Midnight, after defeating two members of the Allied Forces,[27] is defeated by Erza[28]and Brain/Zero is defeated by Natsu with the help of Jellal Fernandes.[29]

Elfman and Evergreen battling Rustyrose




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