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WARS – It Was Enough For Me Son Goku Tshirt

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Goku monkeys

If China, the Japan Monkey King Son Goku back there, because Son Goku is the Japanese name for Sun Wukong it! Son Goku also sticks as Italy and sludge so again decent. Goku is the main character of the series tied to childhood “save 5 thousand breakfast” of many fans – Dragon Ball. Along with the popularity of this series is a series of the anime series was produced, which have been broadcast. Back in time, let’s return to the first day on a “monkey” on Earth appear offline!

Names in anime:



First Appearance

Dragon Ball chapter 1 (manga)

Dragon Ball Episode 1 (anime)

Race: Saiyan

Gender: Male

Born: In 737 A.D

Date of death:

12/10, at 761 years of age (born in 2/11, at 762 years old)

26/5, at 767 years old (8/5 day revival, at 774 years old)

Height: 178 cm (mature)

Weight: 62 kg (mature)

Address: 439 Earth (home of Grandpa Gohan)


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