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Roronoa Zoro is the first member to join the Straw Hat Pirates and is one of the three strongest members of the party (the other two are Luffy and Sanji). He was once a bounty hunter, currently considered by the World Government and Navy as the greatest threat and the most dangerous member of Luffy.

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1. Personal information

Japanese name: ロ ノ ア ア · ロ ロ

Latin name: Roronoa Zoro

English name: Roronoa Zoro

First appearance: Chapter 3, Episode 2

Personality: Straw Hat Pirates

Location: Swordsman, Pirate, Bounty Hunters

Nickname: Zoro Pirate Hunter (狩 り の ゾ ロ, Kaizoku Gari no Zoro)

Hometown: Shimotsuki Village

Age: 19 (first appearance)

21 (after timeskip)

Date of birth: 11/11

Supply: Scorpio

Height: 178 cm (first appearance)

181 cm (after timeskip)

Awards: 320,000,000 berry

Japanese voice actor: Kazuya Nakai,

Megumi Urawa (young),

Wataru Takagi (OVA)

English dubbed: Brian Zimmerman

2. About Zoro

Roronoa Zoro was once a “Pirate Hunter”.

So far, Roronoa Zoro is the strongest member in Luffy’s ice. The reputation and power of the swordsman Zoro was dubbed the master of swordsmanship, which led many to believe that it was Zoro who was the pirate captain (see episode 65, Zoro was mistakenly mistaken for Captain 9)

Zoro is one of the three strongest members of the Straw Hats, besides Luffy and Sanji, Zoro’s dream is to become the world’s strongest swordsman (see volume 3).

Zoro was also mentioned as one of the twelve pirates of the “Poor Generation” (see episode 589, Brownbeard explains the Bad Generation).

3. Appearance

Zoro is a “muscular” guy with tan skin. He almost always wears three swords in his hips on the right with green bandages so he can easily pull them out with his left hand. In these three swords, Zoro always carries a sword named Wado Ichimonji, the other two that change over time due to damage and eventually replaced by other better ones. Although he draws his sword with his left hand, he often uses his right hand to take his sword before sitting down.

Zoro also wears three earrings on his left ear. He wears a black scarf on his left biceps and often tied it on his head every time he really seriously battled his opponent.

Zoro’s body has many scars due to the battle; Most especially the large scar stretching from left shoulder to hips right when challenged with the worlds first swordsman Juracule Mihawk in arc Baratie.

Another Zoro’s scar is due to him … self-inflicted when he wants to chop off (but fails) to get rid of Mr3’s wolf trap at Little Garden. These scars can be seen through the black stitches around the ankles.

After the timeskip, Zoro has another scar on his left eye.

Another characteristic feature of Zoro is the blue hair that Sanji often teases as “moss head”.

4. Pictures

Zoro’s current wanted poster

Zoro as a child

Zoro in the cover of Volume 3 manga

Zoro in arc Arlong Park

Zoro in Drum Island

Zoro in the Alabasta arc

Zoro in the Skypiea arc

Zoro in Enies Lobby arc

Zoro in the arc Post Enies Lobby

Zoro in the arc Thriller Bark

Zoro in the arc of Sabaody Archipelago

Zoro in Kumano’s costume created by Perona

Zoro in the arc Punk Hazard

Zoro in the arc of Kuraigana Island

Zoro in arc Dressrosa

Zoro in the Ice Hunter arc

Zoro in arc Island Spa

Zoro in Boss Luffy Historical arc

Zoro in the East Blue arc

Zoro in the movie

One Piece Film: Strong World

One Piece Film Z


Zoro in One Piece Film: Gold

5. Personality

Zoro is very calm, looks “serious” and does not express emotions, but often loses his temper with a sense of humor in many cases. However, it seems that this anger is the only feeling that Zoro exposes freely. In addition to the times when Zoro felt confident in combat, he rarely laughed. The defeat at Mihawk’s hands is a rare sight to see Zoro cry since Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina.

Even in those particularly sad moments with teammates, Zoro chose silence rather than expressing his sadness outside. When Ohm asks Zoro if Zoro has any revenge for knowing Chopper is severely beaten and unconscious, Zoro responds explicitly that he does not want to fight for such a reason. Despite this assertion, Zoro is still deeply concerned about his teammates and is eager to protect them all. Zoro told Ohm that even though he did not want to fight without a motive, he might as well fight later.

Zoro can also scare opponents with his style. Many people say that Zoro is not a fighter in combat.

However, Zoro is a kind hearted man. He willingly risked to protect a girl he did not know. When fighting weaker opponents or innocent people, Zoro usually does not fight very well, and often does not use the sword with high damage to not hurt them seriously.

Zoro deeply values the spirit of the leader. Whether or not he agrees with Luffy’s decision, Zoro will also respect the captain’s decision.

Although it is not Samuirai, Zoro manages to keep the Bushido spirit strong. For example, Zoro will not attack an opponent when they turn their back, except in an emergency when their friends’ lives are seriously threatened. For Zoro, the scar behind her was the greatest swordsmith of a swordsman.

Zoro is also quite reckless, sometimes dizzy. That did not hurt Zoro a lot but if a normal person is dead, For example, Zoro causes a scars in her leg when she cuts herself on her leg to escape her body. Zoro also willingly took Luffy’s pain from his battle with Gekko Moriah. The results of those times were more severe wounds and scars than anyone else in the Straw Hats.

Zoro often wounds his wounds and continues to fight. This causes Zoro many times to suffer serious injuries and difficult to heal, even prolonged life-threatening pain.

Zoro’s recklessness is also shown in Sandai Kitetsu’s sword-throwing quest by throwing it in the air for free fall down his arm, though he knows it can sever his arm.

Zoro does not care much about spirituality, nor does he feel that he should concentrate on what is ahead rather than what is unclear, nor about psychic questions that he himself I do not know how to answer. Zoro asks Sanji if he believes in God, but Zoro does not mind. However, Zoro also has some faith in the Kingdom of Heaven after the end of this life. Usopp joked that because of Zoro’s behavior in this world, he probably would not be in Heaven. Zoro is furious that Usopp is implying he must go to Hell.

A rather humorous point of Zoro is that while very quick in combat, he is extremely bad in determining direction, so he is nicknamed saint blind. Zoro can even get lost in a straight line. However, he does not admit this. Once, at the Enies Lobby arc, Nami tells him to climb the stairs, Zoro goes the other way. After that, Zoro said that it was him who made him mistake. Each time lost from his teammates, Zoro often muttered to himself: “They are lost again!” However, after the timeskip, Zoro is the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates to reach the rendezvous point (with the help of Perona), which makes Sanji extremely surprised. However, Zoro makes “confusing” when mistaken between small fishing boats of fishermen with large pirate ships.

Like Nico Robin, Zoro is easily embarrassed by being embarrassed or embarrassed. One example of this is the Franky “Pirates Docking 6” situation. Robin refused to cooperate with this move, so the rest of the members were forced to split; At that time, Zoro said that he felt stupid for deciding to join the game.

Another time, Zoro was extremely shy when he and Wicca came in town for worrying that people would say he was “talking to himself”.

Another Zoro’s humorous situation makes him awkward at the Post-Enies Lobby Arc (only in the anime), Zoro is forced to become a babysitter.

Zoro is quite proud of his reputation, both the swordsman and the pirate hunter. He is also quite happy that he has a higher amount of money than Sanji and frequently teases or quarrels with Sanji in everything. Zoro calls Sanji “No. 7” to show that he’s the only one who came after, and insisted that Zoro was at the earliest point of the reunion after timeskip.

However, Zoro also accepts to humble himself in many cases, especially when his teammates are in danger. For example, Zoro begs Bartholomew Kuma to save Luffy in exchange for his life. Zoro also bowed to Dracule Mihawk (a Shichibukai – Zoro’s foe) and asked him to teach his swordsmanship.

Zoro often spends his time on the train between the islands for physical exercise as well as napping. Zoro also loves to drink, and his liking equates Luffy’s passion for meat and Nami’s passion for money.

Zoro’s powers and powers will be covered in the second part of the article.