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Sabo Dragon Fire (Part 1)

Sabo Dragon Fire (Part 1)

If given a list of the most popular manga and anime fans, One Piece will be one of the first mentioned titles. This series has conquered a huge readership in the world due to its adventurous nature in the context of extremely monumental, exciting plot full of fun, funny humor. In it, can not lack the vivid and very real, close character of the characters. In the popular characters in One Piece, learn about Sabo’s character to see why he has won so many fans!

1. Personal information

Japanese name: ボ ボ

Latin name: Sabo

English name: Sabo

Date of birth: March 20

Age: 10 (appearance) – 22 (after timeskip)

Occupation: Noblesse, Thief, Pirates, Revolutionary

Relationship: Portgas D.Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, Dadan Family, Goa Kingdom

Appearance: Chapter 583 (manga), episode 494 (anime)

2. Descent

Sabo’s father

Sabo’s father, Outlook III, is a true nobleman and always expects his son to inherit his family’s heritage and reputation. He always treats people with low status in society as rubbish. For him, a child must listen to his parents. Outlook threatens to kill Ace and Luffy if Sabo refuses to comply with his request.

Sabo’s mother

She is also a typical aristocrat who always seeks to elevate her status. She was also quite indifferent when Sabo was dragged away when she escaped, even to welcome her son’s return, she still behaved very rude.

Living in that family, Sabo did not have the freedom and love of her parents. Sabo realizes that she is no more than an item for parents to use to gain fame and wealth. He was forced to marry a princess as he grew up to preserve his family status. Once, when Sabo was injured while fighting another son of another noble nobleman, Sabo’s mother did not even look at his wound but only worried about the relationship between the two. 2 families. Sabo really feels lonely in that house. This is one of the reasons he left home.

2 childhood friends

Sabo is close friends with Ace and Luffy. All three have the same dream of becoming great pirates and embracing plans to sail off to sea at 17 years old. However, the 18-year-old is also the time when he will have to do what he most disgusted in life is to become a noble. So, from the age of 10, Sabo decided to set out early to fulfill his dream.

Going off to Ace and Luffy, but unfortunately, Sabo’s boat was destroyed by Long Tinh. Later, he was led Revolutionary Army rescued, and became a member of Revolutionary Army.


The 10-year-old Sabo image of Luffy’s memory was a mischievous boy with a broken tooth, yellow curly hair, a black noble hat with a pair of glasses. Sabo always wears a white scarf around his neck, wearing a blue shirt and shorts.

3. Personality

Sabo is the one who always protects his dreams and goals.

When he was only 10 years old, Sabo decided to set sail early to escape his hated life and pursue his own dream.

In order to defend her naive goals, Sabo has made a brutal decision. When Luffy learns of his secret treasure and Ace, he agrees with Ace that they should kill Luffy to protect the treasure, though neither of them knows how to kill.

Sabo’s dream is to become a pirate and travel around the world. Then he would write a book that records what he sees or wherever he goes during his trip. But the real reason behind this was that he wanted to flee the kingdom of Goa to find real freedom behind the walls of the city and outside the island.

Sabo always love the body.

He loves, covers, accepts Luffy’s weaknesses and constantly encourages him to work hard.

He is also a “man of love” for the fiery conflict between Luffy and Ace. He is willing to follow his father’s request, accepting loneliness to save his brothers like Luffy and Ace.


Sabo does not boast about her status

Although the son of an aristocrat, Sabo does not act like them. He does not despise people of low social status or boast about his identity. He always felt ashamed of the status of a nobleman. That is the main reason that he left home and came to live in the gray area.