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Vinsmoke Sanji, nicknamed Black Feather, is a pirate and a chef of the Straw Hat Pirates. He officially joins the ice at the end of Arc Bar, a 5th member and 4th in the Ice. Sanji is also ranked in the “Triad of Monsters” due to his superior power along with Luffy and Zoro.


1. Personal information

Japanese name: ン ジ ジ

Latin name: Sanji

English name: Sanji

Appears: Chapter 43 (manga), Episode 20 (anime)

Organization: Straw Hat Pirates

Occupation: Pirate, chef

Nickname: Black Feet


19 (new arrival)

21 (after timeskip)

Birthday: 02/03

Height: 177 cm (when new), 180 (after timeskip)

Hunting Level: 177,000,000 berry

2. Appearance

Sanji has a tall, slender figure, with blond hair covering one eye. In the beginning of the story, Sanji’s left eye is covered like that, so many fans wonder if there is something mysterious then? In the manga, it is always covered in one way or another, but it was discovered in the anime episode of episode 20, episode 21, episode 27, episode 82, movie 6 and movie 10. May be due to animation error.

After the timeskip, Sanji changed her hairstyle, revealing it to the right.

One of Sanji’s most interesting features is the “unlike” pair of eyebrows. Both eyebrows twist but twist to the same side, looking each eyebrow as the reverse 6. And this also means that the two halves of Sanji’s face are not symmetrical in terms of the spiral position of the eyebrows. However, Sanji often hides it with his blonde hair. And Sanji is extremely upset that someone (usually Zoro) is black that teases him.

Sanji’s eyes are black, but when appearing in the beginning of Thriller Bark, his eyes are blue-green.

Sanji was always polite when she was almost always dressed in a black suit with a diagonal dress, tie and shirt with many colors, sometimes orange, blue, turquoise, squirrel or No stripe His dress changed more often than most members in the band.

Before the timeskip

Sanji’s winter outfit in the Drum Island arc

Sanji in the Alabasta arc

Sanji dress in the Skypie Arc Arc

Sanji in the arc Davy Back Fight

Sanji in the 7 Arc Water arc


Sanji in the Post-Enies Lobby arc

This is Sanji’s outfit during the break from the Straw Hats. Sanji was coerced into dressing up as a Okama, becoming a girl with a wig and a flickering face.


Sanji always wears a pair of black shoes (nicknamed “Black Leg”). The shoes are very durable, contributing to the strength of his kick, though he can still fight without carrying it, as he did against Kuroobi. Sanji always smokes, rarely see him appear without a cigarette on his mouth or hands.

After timeskip

After 2 years, Sanji changed his hairstyle, covering his right eye instead of the left side as 2 years ago, his hair was longer. He had a beard and a goatee on his chin with a little beard on his lips.

At this point, the viewer can detect that both of his eyebrows spin to the right. Your neck is taller than Luffy and Zoro. He was two years older than Zoro. Sanji now wears a black suit with a yellow jumper. At Punk Hazard, he wears a gray dress.

Sanji at Punk Hazard

On the Punk Hazard Island, when Sanji is being exchanged with Nami due to Trafalgar Law’s ability, Kin’emon uses his left-handed evil powers. His name gives him a black coat to fight the cold.

In the Dressrisa Arc, Sanji originally wore a black striped vest, black tie and white shirt. Later, when disguised as a mission on Dressrosa, he wears a black vest plus a white shirt and a blue tie. Sanji also uses a pair of black glasses and a fake white beard to hide his body. Injured after the battle with Doflamingo, he wears a button-open vest that reveals wounded bandages.

After coming to Zou, he wears sunglasses (his hair covered one side of his glasses), wearing an orange jacket, a black polka-dot shirt, yellow pants and a small backpack. . He also took care of his beard. Then, he wore a feather coat, the inside of which was a shirt with a beaded necklace.


Sanji is extremely polite and extremely polite towards women. He had been taught never to hurt or offend any girl even if that would endanger his life. For this reason, he often encountered a disadvantage in combat when touched. Must be female rivals. Sanji is also very polite, he often flirted with flirting with the attractive girls he encountered, his face showing a bit of a weird expression.

Sanji is a bit deeper in comparison to his outward appearance, and he often tells people to listen instead of just doing what he or she likes. Thus, Sanji is considered one of the most mature members of the group (along with Robin and Zoro).

Unlike Zoro, Sanji is not shy about expressing his feelings (such as scolding, being angry, losing his temper, mourning, lamenting …). He also talked about his handsome and charismatic by pretending to be a prince in fairytales even though no one agreed. Another highlight of Sanji’s personality is his esteem for food and cooking, as he realizes the vital importance of sustaining life. Therefore, he often gets angry and punishes food scavengers or food thieves in the refrigerator.