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Order wanted! Opntshirt raises “500 million berry” bonus for fans who catch pirate Straw Hat Luffy! Below is the wanted Luffy Profile. The fans to thoroughly explore the identity of the pirates of this priceless prizes! Luffy will be the first wanted man in Opntshirt’s pirate hunting project!

1. Personal information

Japanese name: ン キ キ ー · D · フ ィ ィ

Latin name: Monkī Dī Rufi

English name: Monkey D. Luffy

Initial appearance: Chapter 1 (manga), Episode 1 (anime)

_Thank you: Straw Hat Pirates

Straw Hat Pirates

Dadan family

Positioning: Pirates, Captain

_Type: 7 (chapter 1)

17 (chapter 1 to chapter 597)

19 (chapter 598 to the present)

Status: alive

_Snow: 5/5

_ Height: 172cm (from the end of chapter 1)

174cm (after timeskip)

Reward: 500,000,000 Berry

Devil _:

Japanese name: Gomu Gomu no Mi

English name: Gum-Gum

Left Rubber

System: Paramecia

2. Something about Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is nicknamed the Straw Hat Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon, nephew of Monkey D. Garp, the sister of Portgas D. Ace and Sabo, and the adopted son of Curly Dadan.

Luffy’s “marine engine” is to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure of Gold D. Roger.

Thought: To become the Pirate King means to become the most free man in the world.

3. Biography

Luffy obviously had the “potential” wanted when he was a kid at a young age.

Luffy was born and raised on the island of Dawn, in the village of Foosha in the East Blue with his grandfather Garp. Since childhood, Luffy has been training his grandfather very carefully to become an excellent navy Garp’s wishes. Since childhood, Luffy has been with the Dadan family – a large family who nurtures Garp’s nephews against the Bluejam pirates harassing the island Luffy lives in.

The real “sow” of Luffy’s pirate thought was Shanks, who was nicknamed Red-haired Shanks, while Shanks stayed in Foosha.

4. Identification features

The Straw Hat usually wears blue pants over the knee, yellow gold waistband and red shirt. Hearing this rumor has been eating so much, but the appearance of the group has always been the same from birth to birth (and as confirmed by each episode is exactly the truth). The yellow straw hat given to him by Sharks has always been attached to him since then (so he is called Straw Hat). Not wanting to provoke Luffy, do not touch this hat, because Luffy loves it and is willing to risk his life to protect it!

Recall the face of this straw hat! Black hair, the face with the eyes are always wide open to look extremely harmonious. Perhaps the pirate called him “Luffy scars” also because the face and on the body are scarred. The scar has two stitches under his left eye that are derived from nature that want to prove themselves. He uses his face knife to demonstrate to Shanks that he is strong enough and brave to be a pirate. A large X-shaped scar on the chest caused by Akainu (lava admiral). Clear signs of past bombing that!

5. Personality


Looking at his face with eyes wide open, he knows how indifferent he is. Yet he was very kind and very caring about the strange new surroundings.

However, do not lose sight of that naive look! The Straw Hat is extremely desperate, and you know, nothing more frightening to confront a fearless person. Behind that giggty little kid is the power of a brave warrior, in particular he has quickly fired his cannon to stop the Going Merry from crashing into Laboon – a giant whale. The front of the Great Seas.

Can we also use the Straw Hat’s affection with our teammates to put him in danger? According to intelligence, Luffy is extremely concerned about the “juniors” in the crew, willing to risk danger to protect them. So that is a disadvantage for us because the “junior” extremely trust, love Luffy and know where they will risk their lives to protect their captain!

6. Strength

Devil Fruit Gomu Gomu
Everyone must be absolutely careful because the Straw Hat possesses the power of the Devil Fruit Gomu Gomu. As a result, he has the ability to stretch parts like rubber. Thanks to this ability, Luffy can attack at long distances by extending his body and avoiding critical attacks or dangerous situations.

Gear Second (2nd Gear)
By employing the physical abilities of the Devil Fruit Gomu no Mi, Luffy has developed a technique that increases the speed and power of his attacks.

How to use: Use your feet to pump blood throughout the body at a rapid rate, increasing your heart rate, speed and strength. It is also possible to combine this with the Busoshoku Haki to perform the Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.

Gear Third (3rd gear)
How to use: Blowing air into your fingers helps the body become enormous. The effect of this technique is to increase body size to defend with powerful attacks and perform punches with high power.

This can be combined with the Busoshoku Haki for use at the same time as the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling.

Gear Fourth (4th gear)
Usage: Activate the Busoshoku Haki on the arm then blow air into his body. This technique causes the body to become deformed and increase in size. Advantages of speed, strength and excellent defensive capabilities. It helps Luffy fly in the air. However, this technique is extremely fast Haki.

Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki)
Luffy is the one who has awakened his Haki abilities and is one of the few who can master the three Haki types.

He can anticipate attacks, shots, or feel someone near him …

Busoshoku Haki (armed hooks)
Luffy uses this type of Haki to harden his body, help him defend or increase his damage. This skill can also be combined with Gomu Gomu No Mi to create other moves.

Haoshoku Haki (Haki Concubine)
This is the type of Haki that in a million people have only one person. Unfortunately, this straw hat is in such a small proportion. He used to make 50 000 fishmen fainted by this technique.

That’s it, Luffy is always in the confrontational group and defeats the strongest enemy in all battles. As warned before, his “livid” was scary, under cover but then set up but fight to the end.

7. Journey

Before the timeskip

At a young age, Luffy accidentally ate the Devil Fruit from Red-haired Shanks, so he turned into a rubber and could never swim again. However, Luffy is always longing to become the Pirate King and find the One Piece treasure.

Luffy’s pirate voyage begins 10 years later, departing from Foosha village, on Dawn Island in East Blue. From here, Luffy begins to search for “accomplices” to set up the pirate crew. Meeting up with teammates Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji, Luffy joined them on the Going Merry and entered the Grand Line. At that time, Luffy’s wanted amount was 30,000,000 Berry.

The Straw Hats go through Reverse Moutain, through the Sinhdock’s nose and undergoes the first adventures on the Grand Line: Cactus Island, Little Garden, Drum Island, Luffy has added a new member. Chopper reindeer as a doctor.

After helping the Princess Nefertari Vivi of the Alabasta Kingdom defeat Vu Hai Crocodile, nicknamed Mr.0, the boss of Baroque Work, Luffy’s wanted amount increased to 100,000,000 Berry. After leaving Alabasta, the Straw Hats joined a new member, Nico Robin – a former member of Baroque Work.

The next destination for the Straw Hats is Jaya, Skypiea Sky, Long Ring Longland Archipelago. Luffy and the gang decide to stop in Water 7 to fix Going Merry. After a series of dramatic and unexpected events, Luffy and his allies and allies attack the Enies Lobby to rescue Robin. Luffy and the Straw Hats met with the government’s CP9, and at the same time battled with the World Government. Luffy’s wanted amount has increased to 300,000,000 Berry after he defeated Rob Lucci – the strongest in CP9 history. After the event, the Straw Hats were all wanted for a total of 667,000,050 Berry.

Lúc này, sau những hư hại nặng nề, thuyền Going Merry đã đến giới hạn cuối cùng của mình và không thể cùng cả băng tiếp tục cuộc hành trình. Luffy và băng Mũ Rơm quyết định chia tay Merry, gửi Merry lại dưới lòng đại dương. Franky, Ice Burg và các thành viên đứng đầu công ty đóng tàu Galley-la đã cùng nhau đóng cho băng Mũ Rơm một con tàu mới từ gỗ quý Adam, với tên gọi Thousand Sunny. Luffy và băng Mũ Rơm rời Water 7 và chiêu mộ được thợ đóng thuyền tài năng Franky vào nhóm. Tiếp tục hành trình qua Tam giác Florian, Luffy cùng cả nhóm gặp gỡ chủ cũ của chú cá voi Laboon – nhạc công Brook và Brook đã trở thành thành viên tiếp theo của băng sau cuộc phiêu lưu tại Thriller Bark.

Luffy and the Straw Hats stopped at the Sabaody Islands to prepare for the fishermen’s advance into the New World. Here Luffy and his teammates had an unexpected encounter with the legendary Silver Rayleigh, encountering a second encounter with Bartholomew Kuma, and he moved all of them to a different location with A mysterious purpose.

Luffy was taken to the Amazon Lily Island Island and became friends with Boa Hancock and the female warriors on the island. After learning of his brother, Portgas D. Ace was sentenced to death and executed at the Naval General, Luffy shocked the world with the impassioned intrusion and escape at Impel Prison. Down, then with his ally join the battle between the Whitebeard Fourth Marine and allied with the Navy and the Seafleet at Marineford. During the battle, Luffy risked himself, promoting all that he had, beyond his limits. As soon as everything seemed smooth, Luffy was shocked and hurt to witness the death of his brother Ace. After the battle was over, Luffy was taken care of at Amazon Lily, where Luffy realized that he was too weak to protect his loved ones. Luffy and his teammates decided to break up for a couple of years to practice.

After timeskip

Two years later, Luffy and his allies gather in the Sabaody Islands, starting a new journey called “Romance Dawn for the New World.” At this time the wanted amount of Monkey D Luffy has increased to 400 million Berry. The first voyage was the Fisherman Island where Luffy and the party met Jinbei’s “Warriors of the Sea” and together with Jinbei defeated the “New Fisherman Pirate” who was plotting to overthrow the government. Before leaving the island, Luffy accepted the declaration of war with the Four Kings of the Big Mom through the snail messenger. Duck Island, Monkey D Luffy and Straw Hat Pirates officially entered the journey in the New World.

The first destination of the Straw Hats is Punk Hazard Island, an island with two opposite hot and cold climates. This is a secret government island and the laboratory of Ceasar Clown. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates began a pirate alliance with Trafalgar Law, Captain of the Heart Pirates, aiming to defeat the Kaido Emperor. Luffy and his teammates also meet two Navy members, Smoker and Tashigi. Luffy and the others discover the person behind the shady Punk Hazard is Donquixote Doflamingo and is also an important target in the Luffy-Law Alliance’s plan to defeat the Four Kings. Luffy and the Straw Hats and Law went to the kingdom of Dressrosa, where Doflamingo ruled to defeat Doflamingo. After defeating Doflamingo, Lyffy’s wanted amount increased to 500,000,000 Berry.

It is not the name of the pirate pirate high prices! Getting 500 000 000 berry is not easy. Good luck!