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Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is called the World’s Strongest Man and is the closest one to the One Piece treasure, after the death of King Pirate Gold D. Roger. Whitebeard was also a member of the Four Kings until he was killed in the Battle of Marineford.

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1. Personal information

Japanese name: ド ワ ワ ー ド · ュ ュ ー ゲ ー ト

Latin name: Edowādo Nyūgēto

English name: Edward Newgate

Appearance: Chapter 234; Episode 151

Organization: Yonko, Whitebeard Pirates

Occupation: Captain

Age: 72 (died)

Date of birth: 6/4

Devil Fruit:

Japanese name: Gura Gura no Mi

English name: Tremor-Tremor Fruit

Meaning: The sound of the concussion

Type: Paramecia

2. Appearance

As a young man, Whitebeard often wore a black shirt revealing his chest, wearing a black scarf. His face does not appear on the beard. Later on, his beard grew into a crescent moon, and the name “Whitebeard” was born. At 52 years old Whitebeard, he wore a pirate hat with a Jolly Roger logo, his blond hair brushed backwards.

Whitebeard possesses an unusually large body, three times the height of a normal person. However, unlike other oversized characters, Whitebeard still possesses a well balanced appearance. He has long face and many eye wrinkles due to his age but his body is still athletic. His muscles seem to be louder when he uses Devil Fruit. On Whitebeard’s chest there are many scars, the back of the Jolly Roger logo is like all of his “children”.

Whitebeard often wore a black scarf around his head, wore a white cape jacket with a pirate flag. He often reveals chest, wears light colored pants combined with high-necked black shoes, laces a black belt. Whitebeard often uses some medical equipment due to his health (see volume 151).

In the manga, after Akainu burns a part of his face, Whitebeard loses his left eye and left beard. In the anime, he only loses his left beard. However, in the 72 years of Whitebeard’s life He never had any injuries on his back because he never turned his back on the battle (see episode 485).

2. Personality

Whitebeard appears to be a cheerful and carefree man, before he has his own boat and pirate crew. Not like treasure and wealth as other members, Whitebeard desires a family and for him, family is the greatest treasure (episode 485).

The influence, reputation and ability to anticipate Whitebeard become self-confident and hard-hearted. In his first appearances, he was extremely confident with his decisions and refused advice (for example, the boat nurse advised him not to drink too much or Shanks warned him of Blackbeard ) (See episode 151).

However, in later appearances, Whitebeard showed a rather deep personality. There are Whitebeard’s “stubborn” actions that at first glance are thoughtless, but all have a reason behind it. The loud announcement that the Fisherman’s Island belonged to him helped the island win. Get rid of many pirates. In addition, insisting that Blackbeard is punished is the defense of Ace. It can be seen by many that Whitebeard has great self-esteem, but deep inside, Whitebeard knows he is alone and fully aware of his own death (cf. episode 472). He knows that young people are the key to their future and their lives are more important than him (volume 478).

Whitebeard loves to talk about the past. The first thing he told Shanks when he came to that was the memory of 22 years ago. When seeing Buggy in the Battle of Paramount, he also remembers memories of the past. The children of that day, are still the children in his eyes, including the “colleague” of the Fourth Emperor Shank (see episode 316) or Admiral Aokiji (see episode 462).

An effective approach with Whitebeard is to bring the wine and drink with him (preferably high quality and expensive wine), known through his meetings with Shanks, Roger and Shiki, though This does not completely guarantee the smoothness of the negotiations.

According to Whitebeard’s lifelong philosophies, a man should decide for himself what his life should be, as long as he does not feel sorry for it. When Squardo attacks Whitebeard, he forgives and understands the crewman’s actions (episode 472).

The biggest distinctive feature of Whitebeard’s personality is the high standards of human morality. Whitebeard believes that a man can not live without ethical rules. He had publicly declared war on the World Government only to save Ace’s life … However, sometimes Whitebeard is also willing to go against his own rules under certain circumstances.

Just as Gol.D.Roger, Whitebeard thought that a child was not responsible for the sin committed by his parents, and he kindly told Squardo not to blame Ace on Roger’s head when Roger Kill his teammates.

Whitebeard has the typical type of jokes that Gu has come out of (see episode 316).

3. The capacity and strength

Whitebeard has earned the title of World’s Strongest Man because he possesses unmatched physical strength and is also one of only two people in the world to match the former Pirate King. Gol D. Roger (another one is Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp).

Whitebeard is one of the four great pirates, one of the four most powerful pirates to dominate the second half of the Grand Line alongside Shanks, Kaido and Charlotte Linlin. They are considered pirates the greatest threat to the World Government. The reputation of Whitebeard is tremendous, just a simple statement that the fisherman’s island belonged to him was enough to keep the slave traders and other pirates away.

Whitebeard is the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, directing a giant pirate fleet of 1600 members divided into 16 teams, each commanded by a captain of incredible strength. Evidence is that both the World Government and the Wife of the Sea have used almost all of their forces to prepare for battle with him.

The power of Whitebeard is huge, so only a few dare to challenge him or his crewmen such as Ace, Crocodile, Akainu, Blackbeard or Luffy, who are incredibly brave and powerful. . In the past, Ace tried to assassinate him more than a hundred times and the result was a failure, while Whitebeard just needed a little bit of energy to fight back, even while sleeping. After Akainu killed Ace, Whitebeard severely punished him in only two attacks, while the Admiral was completely helpless before Whitebeard’s power (see episode 480).

Another example of Whitebeard’s strength is in the battle with Shanks, when the two touch their weapons, the sky divided into two. By his mighty power, he only needed one hand with a great bar to stop the attack of Vice Admiral John Giant, and quench Akainu’s flame with one breath (see episode 463). ).

Devil Fruit

Whitebeard had eaten Gura Gura Nomi, the Paramecia, and it made him the Shocker. This is considered the strongest Evil Devil in the Paramecia system so far. According to Sengoku, whiskers possess a power that can destroy the world (see episode 462).

With the power of this evil fruit, Whitebeard can create powerful shock waves by smashing a vacuum like a sheet of glass. Shock waves will then be directed towards the ground and cause earthquakes, while the sea will produce a tsunami. He can create vibrations in the air, and also neutralize attacks from the air. Moreover, he can also use shock waves to attack multiple enemies at once, or to focus on an enemy. The power also allows Whitebeard to control the vacuum with his hands and tilt the surrounding environment.

Whitebeard can also generate shock waves to block the enemy’s physical as well as non-physical attacks. Therefore, his Devil Fruit ability is excellent in both attack and defense. After his death, this power was stripped by some Blackbeard (see episode 486).


Whitebeard’s weapon is a very heavy bar called bisento and he controls it very well. This sword can be used to combine Devil Fruit and Haki Busōshoku.

He used bisento with both hands, but he could use it with one hand only. Whitebeard always holds the bisento with his right hand, and sometimes he puts his tongue on the ground and uses his hands to use Devil Fruit.

Two years after Whitebeard’s death, this blade has no signs of being abrasive because of the weather, which proves its durability.

The bisento bar is mounted on Whitebeard’s grave


Whitebeard is one of the few who is well versed in all three types of Haki.

Kenbunshoku Haki

With his Kenbunshoku Haki, he can foresee all the assassinations of Portgas D. Ace, even in his sleep, and in response to each raid he makes the young pirates crashing. Go far with considerable distance (see episode 461). In Marineford’s Bay, he completely predicted Crocodile’s sudden attack, but did not move knowing that Monkey D. Luffy would block it. However, due to his health he was greatly reduced by his high age, and also did not expect Squardo’s betrayal, so he suffered a rather serious injury, which Marco said was totally unexpected. A Huang (see episode 472).

Busōshoku Haki

Whitebeard’s Busōshoku hakama control is so obvious, almost in all cases, that he has been able to break down the flaws of elements from the Logia demon. In the past, he was able to defeat Crocodile (not sure if the former Voodoo had eaten the Devil at the time) and had defeated Ace more than 100 times. The splitting of the sky as Whitebeard and Red Hair together with the swords in the encounter is also the result of a Busōshoku haki infiltration into the weapon. At the Paramount battle, Whitebeard successfully defeated Admiral Akainu while Marco and Vista also used this haki but failed.

Haki Haōshoku

He also owns the Haōshoku haki though he has not seen him use it ever. During the Battle of Marineford, he prepared to use it to stop Ace’s execution, but failed because he suddenly became ill. This power is seen used in the video game One Piece: Burning Blood.